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No date, no place

Regretably about grandfather’s letter, one can’t be a fiskewekler. You know his address, you write to him. I have posted him a letter – I don’t meet him every day, and when one meets him one must be businesslike and polite. He is not a chasid – one cannot say to him, ‘listen. you naughty man, why don’t you send money to your mother!’ It is a different world, although it is a sad business for us Jews to live in such a world. But alas, what can one do? One cannot change the world. One sees how Judaism is being trampled on underfoot… but one can’t cry to Heaven and complain. It is His world and He is the leader and everything must be according to His will. When Jacob was with his twelve sons, everything was nice. Afterwards, Jacob went to his children, in Egypt, in his old age. That was another world. Afterwards, when his grandchildren and great grandchildren increased in numbers – it was another world. And the same it is now in Zudgala or in Shimberg – it is the biggest gentile world, and it is again different. I only pray God to preserve us from poverty, which is so common in the world. May God preserve us from such troubles, and yet one must understand His ways. In one word, He should guard us because He …

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