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Letter from Meish Rubin to his wife. before Yomtov 1900

To my dear wife, honourable name Rachel, and my children, I would have liked to hear better news from you because until now everything was so sad. May the Almighty grant us better news for the new year and we should live in comfort and hear good news from each other. I am glad to hear from you that you are all well. I am sorry to hear that Esther is not too well, please reply immediately how she is, with all details that happened lately. I have nothing to write. My heart is very sore about our daughter Rivka who passed away. I cannot forget her fate, but we must have courage and whatever the Almighty does must be ogod even though we don’t like it. It is no good to talk too much and we must calm ourselves and endure everything that happens. My heart is very bitter. Keep well, be well, and wishing you a good and happy year, I wish you Ketuvah va hatimah tovah (to be written and sealed for a good year), Moishe Rubin ha Cohen.

I heartily greet your mother and my mother-in-law, the pious Breina, may she live till 120. I also greet our relation Yisrael Yaacov Greentuch and his whole family. I wish them a ketuvah hatimah tovah. I greet the young man Moishe Schochet. I wish them well for the new year. My thanks for the letters – I can inform you that the letter that you wrote to the Rebbetzin of Radviliskis is news to me. I haven’t heard of it until today, I’m asking you to write me from time to time all the news in your area, because I have much pleasure in hearing news about the kehillah (community). I wish them all ketuvah hatimah tovah. From me, your devoted friend, Meish Rubin.

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