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Letter from Meish Katz (Rubin)

I greet you my cousin Taube and the whole family in Zudgala [i], the gabbai Yehuda Leib Kretzmar – zol leben - and to receive good letters and we should make the odd few pounds in order to go home. You can say it in two words but it will take a long time until the unsettled conditions will calm down. And don’t worry, everything will come right. We don’t starve and we have money for everything, and if God will provide us with good business I could not complain. We are earning a little better than in Russia – one must not stand on dignity too much. Well, it’s enough to talk – it is time to go and earn some money with God’s help.

From me, your beste freind, Meish Katz (Rubin).

Address: 53 Boom Street, Cape Town [ii]


[i] Zudgala is a small village 3km from Subotsh, north eastern Lithuania, near Panevėžys.

[ii] Now Commercial Street.

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