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Malmesbury, 4 August, 1903

To my dear wife, Taube Kretzmar, and to my dear children, sons David and Noah, and to my daughters, Leah and Freda, may they grow up in wealth and comfort, amen.

My dear wife, I can tell you that I am TG in good health. May this letter find you in the same condition, and I hope to hear the same from you.

About money I can tell you that I wanted to send you this week but it was impossible, because I needed everything for the shop, which I ordered about £80, and lately sales have been rather poor, and so I find it difficult at the moment. But I hope to send you some shortly, as much as possible. I know very well that you need it. I have sent you three pounds on Moishe’s address, but I have not had any receipts yet. I’m sure you have received it. I must be patient, and with patience everything comes right. I have no more news and I am closing this letter. Keep well and happy, as is the wish of your faithful husband, Tuvye Kretzmar

I cordially greet my dear parents, my father, Yehuda Leib Kretzmar, and my modest mother, Beile, and my scholarly brother, Yaacov Kretzmar, and my sisters, Hinda and Chana – may you all keep well. My dear parents, I can inform you that I and my brother Shmuel… try for a week, but he has not picked up any gold yet. He finds life boring. In the meantime, he stays with me, until he will settle down a bit and will learn to sell in the shop, and then he will be able to get a job in a shop. Naturally, he won’t work for nothing.

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