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Letter from Meish Rubin

I greet my dear children, thank Taube for your gerus and for your watching over my family as they live in the village. This is doch one of the biggest mitzvot. In the city there is the mitzvot of the bikur cholim to visit the sick, but in the village it is even greater if you were to write me a letter even more about everybody. The words that are written to me are counted as if they would cost money before you can extract it. I ask you Taube please to write me more what is going on in my home. I cannot understand anything from the letters that I receive from my family. I cannot depend on anybody. Everybody has their own explanation about things. And I cannot make any sense of it. I close my writing with the words Be well as it is the wish of your dear friend, Meish Rubin.

I greet warmly my dear parents, my dear father, Yehuda Leib, and my chaste and modest mother, Beile, and my brother and my sister, who are so dear to me, with best wishes, Tuvye Kretzmar

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