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Letter from Rachel Morris, Taube’s sister-in-law: 10 September, 1913

Mazeltov on the birth of Ashne, born in Malmesbury, 10 September, 1913

No date, no place

My dear brother-in-law, Tuvye, and my dear sister-in-law, Taube – may you all live well with your children. To begin with, I want to give you mazeltov with the birth of your new daughter. May you raise her with much joy and luck; and to my dear sister-in-law, you need not be ashamed, you are not fifty years yet, it may happen ’til fifty, so it has happened to you also. You know the posek ‘zareinu vegasvenu’ – both our offspring and our wealth may He increase like sand particles (ex Daily Prayerbook, at the termination of the Sabbath, ex Hamvdil ben Kodesh lechol). Money and children are never superfluous, so do not be worried; because of her mazel, you may become rich. So how is it going generally? How are all the children? And how is business? With us there is no special news.

Our daughter Aida is in business school, she has to attend for eight months if she is successful. Usually, it is enough for her to complete the course and for us to pay. So what can you do? You have to swim in the big world. In the rush of life we are forced to a certain point, where we must follow with the stream, and so I close my writing. Keep well, as is the wish of your dear sister-in-law and daughter, Rachel Morris, who hopes to receive a speedy reply. Rachel Morris

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