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Letter from Yaacov Kretzmar: Mazeltov on the birth of Ashne, born in Malmesbury, 10 September 1913

Dear Taube,

We all separately, our mother, wish you mazeltov with your daughter, I suppose she is also beautiful and a good little girl. Further, all is better, we are all waiting for you to write us about her. From your writing, it appears, according to my mother, it was not easy to have the youngest one. But what’s been is already ferfallen (gone). May God grant that you’ll be able to raise easily and with a lot of mazel. May you become rich so that you can employ a servant – that you’ll not need to work to everything by yourself.

My pair of daughters are TG beautiful children. We must just have all conveniences for them as is necessary. It would truly be happiness and amusing but all this will come in time. Write us how you all are in your health and about all your children, each one separately, and also the name of your youngest daughter. Everybody greets you heartily, and my wife also greets you and wishes you a hearty mazeltov. In all respects, keep well and stay well, and we all wish you and your husband, from Yaacov

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