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Letter from Meish Rubin to his wife

It is best not to open up the parcel until after a time and God will unite us and with hatzlacha from such a distant separation and it is only through faithfulness that we will be able to overcome our troubles, I am giving you mazel tov from Motel’s engagement – may God grant that all of us shall begin to have mazel. You write me that you visited the summer baths – if I were at home I would have liked to join you but from here it is a bit far.

Further you askabout Chaim Blumson – it’s like this – they are all well and why he does not send any more I do not know and I believe that you can understand why. I believe that this is the answer and what you write me asking me to write.

You should write to me how you stand in money matters. As I can understand from your writing, it seems as if you feel insulted and you write to me that you have very little pleasure at present and that you are not spendng money on unneccessary thing. Please write to me, my dear wife, if you can trust me. I have no ulterior motives when I ask you to account for every kopek. What you do with it and what you spend.  May God grant me more money so that I will be able to send you more. I’ve received two letters last week and this week numbers 15 and 16. I thank you cordially for your….

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