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No place, No date

To my dearly beloved wife, Taube Kretzmar

…. Travelled to Zudgala. I am not talking of a lot of money because with the time that I have I am making just enough for expenses. I am not talking of making money because as it is in others ‘assets that are derived from overseas are not blessed’ (query Talmud? ) and one knows from experience that hundreds of people are leaving with money; at home if they had a tenth of that they would consider themselves lucky and could make a nice living. And when they go to Africa or America, it does not take long before they run short of money for expenses to return. And when they return, they are again griene – they must begin again at aleph bet. This life here is the life of a wanderer.

Further about children. Let them exist at their expense, and afterwards, if they have nothing to do when they return from [military] service, then they can go to Africa. And then they can choose what to do, or not choose at all, but do whatever comes first. It is a very simple calculation. There is a Father, and when God provides He can do many things which seem impossible otherwise. Usually, it is not nice to interrupt somebody in conversation, especially when you have just opened your eyes to business, but one likes to calm oneself with the hope that God won’t foresake us and do everything that is best because he is the Creator of the world. He revives and He also feeds everybody. He is the leader of the whole world and everybody in it. Therefore, we can depend on Him.

A new year is arriving with a new inscription for life. He will certainly write us a good year amongst all Israel, amen. I can inform you that I am TG in good health and only God grant that this letter should find you in good health, too, and we should receive good news from each other. I am closing my writing. I greet you cordially – you must not worry. We cannot achieve anything depending on one’s own mind. We must have faith in God, and He will certainly do everything of the best. Keep well and have a happy new year amongst all Israel, as is the wish of your faithful and loving husband, Tuvye Kretzmar

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