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Loose page, no date

… but then she was with me like a person who had fainted. One tells him a commentary from the Talmud and he takes no notice. Further, about the parcel, I must tell you the truth that I have not yet received it. They are not in Cape Town but in the country. I have no time to travel to them. If they had been reasonable, they could have left it with Meish Rubin and I would have received it, or they could have sent it by post – but they have not done it. So I have not yet written, maybe I’ll get it with an opportunity and when I receive it I will acknowledge it PG.

Further, I have written about the sales in the shop – up to now it’s not bad – it’s up to about £75 to £80 a month, and hopefully it will improve – and when you come you will also know.

Further, I want to ask you a weighty problem, but I cannot give you my opinion, because I am far away. But I will present my plan and you will be able to judge if it’s reasonable or not. In January I sent £15…

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