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Malmesbury, 2 March, 1903

To my dear brother-in-law, Menachem Mendel Morris.

My dear brother-in-law, I have received your greetings and I am very grateful for them. I know very well that I should write to you, and whatever I write is too little for your interest in my affairs all the time that you have been my brother-in-law. Please believe me. I have not forgotten. I have benefited from your keen interest in my affairs, both in money and advice and deeds. I ask that God may help me so that I should be able to reward you for everything and to convince you that I am not ungrateful, and I would do more for you and your sister, Chana Reza, in a good way. Further, I can tell you that I am TG in good health, and I wish to hear the same from you. I know that you expect a long letter from me, to make up for the time I have not written to you, but please excuse me. I have no patience to sit down and write bobbemeises. You are a man who has already travelled a lot, and you are not a griener – with patience, we shall correspond, and with God’s help we will see each other in a happy way. You have more patience, so please write what you in tend to do. perhaps you should get married. As somebody said, there is plenty of time for her to grow up. In any case, at Shmuel, the Miller’s, you should not contemplate. Please write me everything, as is the wish of your dear brother-in-law, Tuvye Kretzmar

I greet cordially my dear mother-in-law, Neche, and my dear brother-in-law, Moishe Schochet, and his wife, my sister Sarah, and my sister-in-law, Chana Reza, may you all live in happiness as is the wish of your dear son-in-law, Tuvye Kretzmar

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