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Out of context, no date, no place

What is happening with David?’ He costs twenty-five roubles a term, and I think it’s worth a ‘thank you’. You cannot achieve anything and you cannot know much. When you are more settled, I’d like to get some advice. Would my brother Eliayahu Zalman of Vitebsk undertake to teach him? I would be very satisfied even if it cost me ten roubles more, and to send him to Vitebsk, because apart from studying, living in a city, he can also develop into a mensch. He is not wild so I ask you, my dear father and my brother-in-law, to consider it, if it is a possibility and if you could help me to accomplish this. Possibly, my father could undertake to go to Vitebsk. Please give him five roubles for expenses. And if my brother could do it, I’d give him the same.

Please my dear parents and my brother-in-law, see if you can arrange this. This is my only and best request. This is for me the holiest thought, and if the Lord will help me I will compensate everyone. Please write me a speedy reply what you think of this. I close my letter with a hope that you may be able to fulfil my wish with pleasure. Be well and happy, as is the wish of your faithful husband, Tuvye Kretzmar

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