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Muizenberg, March, 1915

To my dear wife, Taube Kretzmar, and to my dear children, may all live well.

My dear wife, I have received your letter today. I thank God for your well being.

A morning jacket I have received. I like it very much. I think you will also like it. I ordered cashmere, I don’t know why it has not arrived. I have also ordered five rolls of wallpaper, curtains, and chairs. I will still order from Noah a suit. One cannot get the two pieces, and Pesach is nearly here. And I will take a grey suit of three pieces, and that should be all right. And if you have another opinion, please write me and I will do it. A sample of the curtain I am sending you from Jaggers [i]. They have no others. If you like it, I will get the serge for you. Please write if you like the material of the three-and-a-half yards which I got from Irwin, and I will get the same. I believe that he is good. Please write if your shoes have arrived and if you like them. And further, write me all that you need, and I shall bring it to you. Noah should not be impatient. I will bring a suit when I come home. Send me the size of hat for Abraham and Yudel so that it should fit them.

Tomorrow it will be a week that I am here and I have decided to stay another week until next Friday. I haven’t … and he would also supply us with necessaries. I find it very difficult to think of throwing away the whole business and to stay here. But I will try my best and I will see what God will provide. So please be patient and look after the house, and when I return home we will all be happy.

And to you, my daughter Leah, and Noah, and Freda, I thank you cordially for your letters, and for attending to everything in your hands. I will also try my best to do for you whatever is possible. I hope it will be well. My daughter, when you wrote that Irwin has charged money for the three-and-a-half yards of serge… further, I will see what we need at home. The main thing is good health. It is the most important. Please reply at once. I close my writing. I wish you the best of luck and joy, together with me. From me, your father and husband, Tuvye Kretzmar.

Look at the sample of the curtains – it is two-thirds per yard. There is nothing else. If you like it, I will take it. I have met Rubenstein and I have introduced him to Mr Hertzenstein, and the three of us have enjoyed ourselves. I greet you cordially and wish you everything of the best.

He introduced me to his son-in-law, Mr Margolis. He told me that he is a man one can talk to. His father is a rov at home. They send you a special greeting. Mrs Rubenstein, she called me and asked me about ? event?


[i] J. W. Jagger, a popular wholesaler in Cape Town.

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