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Malmesbury, 22 June (no year)

To my dear and loving wife, Taube Kretzmar, may she live happily, and to my dear children, my sons David and Noah, and my daughters Leah and Freda, may they live well and grow up in wealth and comfort, amen.

To my dearest wife, I have received your letter of the eighth of May and have read with pleasure the news that you and the children are all TG well. PG for it. And from my side, I can tell you that I am also very well, TG. May God grant that my letter should also find you in the best of health, and I should shortly hear good news from you. Further, I have no news to write now.

In this month sales are very poor because it is raining and the daily workers can’t earn any money, and so there is no money around. I shall possibly send you some money this week. When you receive a draft you’ll know that I have sent.

I was in Cape Town last week, I saw Meish Rubin, who all greet you and the children. They are all well. Also greetings from Meyer Katzener. He is well and somehow makes a living. He goes around selling eggs.

Further I will write you about our friend Blumson. He was here last week. To talk between ourselves, so that the children should not hear, it is thus: he is now all by himself and in poor health. There were times during the war when he had lots of money. It is no wonder that the money has rolled off, and now that he would like to have some money himself – money that he has wasted before, it is difficult to collect it and send some over. One does not want to lower oneself – he asked me to write in his name that he won’t send any money, not even a kopek until they write him a letter at his address – it is already half a year since he last received a letter – not from his mother, but from their neighbours he gets sermons. He does not want to be blamed in front of the whole world, and I think he is right if what he says is correct. I will write to you his address so that he should have no excuse.

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