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Letter from Moishe Schochet

[Presumably Taube left her children with her brother when she went to Riga to see the doctor. Editor]

Dearest sister,

I received your letter today together with Taube’s, and further it is like this: the children are TG quiet. Chana Reza is now ….? and Noah is with Yankel (an uncle). Don’t worry about this, and don’t be unhappy or anxious about your family. Everything is in order. You left to seek medical help, and the main thing in health is not to worry but to be happy and brave,

from me, your brother,

Moishe Schochet (Morris)

Your mother and Sarah and your in-laws greet you cordially. Be well and happy. It is Erev Shabbos so I shorten my writing. From me, Moishe Morris.

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