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Malmesbury, 10, March, 1903

To my dear wife, Taube Kretzmar, may you live in good health and pleasure.

My dear wife, I wish to inform you that I am TG in good health, and may my letter find you in good health, too. Further, about writing a whole page, I have no time at the moment. It is late and the post closes very shortly, and if I write more it will be delayed until next week. So it is better to write a short letter rather than not at all. So please don’t be annoyed this time, I hope to write more next time.

I cordially greet my dear parents, my sisters and brothers, and the whole family, including my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, all of you keep well and happy, as is the wish of your faithful husband, Tuvye Kretzmar

About Shmuel who wants to come to Africa. He cannot come without a permit – but I will send him a permit – and I will still write about it. From me, Tuvye Kretzmar

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